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sententia per scientia

©Immuxøl: the first time – and only time!


FEAT scientists discovered a unique common feature in the DNA of humans and hops: no plant on earth produces its own antibodies in the form of polyphenols as complex as hops. Moreover, hops DNA coincides with human DNA in such a way that their polyphenols, for both plants and us *humans (*but only with the catalytic help of special transmitters), release immune defenses at a concentration level that does not occur with any other plants in our diet. ©Immuxøl combines these strengths, which develop with even greater strength with the help of vitamin C + B2 derivates and zinc citrate. Its special ingredient is the hop polyphenols, which reach their full potential for the first time in specific combined effect with derivates of vitamins and minerals. The legacy of the research behind this innovation will open up entirely new dimensions with effects convincing in itself. 


Thanks to its specific combinatorial requirements, the ©Immuxøl secret formula will prevent cheap imitations from being produced. Furthermore, the scientific plausibility of this product is presumed. However, FEAT scientists consistently refrain from describing the general context out of their public digressions – in the interest of safeguarding expert knowledge, but also due to the fact that this discretion should not, may not, and cannot be used for research purposes. Likewise, this statement is not intended to give health advice, but only to provide cursory information about the history of research and to make its course rudimentarily plausible. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that ©Immuxøl can always and only develop its effect if and as long as it is taken regularly and permanently!    


Specifically, vitamin C (VC) has the rare additional capability of being able to pass through the cerebral cortex without obstruction. At the same time, however, it also carries important neurotransmitters “piggyback” style, so that – especially in the case of ©Immuxøl – essential hops polyphenols, along with their compact and complex efficacies can unfold where they would never have made it otherwise without VC to “smuggle” them in: the brain (organ with the highest energy demand)! The lesson is clear: in reality, only meager amounts of polyphenols make it into the bloodstream, as they are water-insoluble and thus most of them are excreted again, unused. Only when combined with vitamin C and further derivates – as catalytic transmitters – is their bioavailability in our whole organism (incl. our brain) increased. 

When we ingest plants, the latter pass their antibodies, meaning their polyphenols, along with vitamins, proteins, minerals... on to our immune system. The trick is in the creation! It then happens that polyphenols without the latter have little effect, as do the latter without polyphenols. In this context, it is emphasized that among the countless types of plant in this world, there is one plant alone that contains the variety and concentration of polyphenols as prevalent as they are in hops or in their female umbel. In fact, no plant contains the type of polyphenols that share an affinity with humans such that hops do. This means that the plants’ own immune defenses act in almost the same way as those of humans. Conclusion: whatever is conducive to the immune response of the plant, consequently, helps us as well, mostly through our ingestion of its fruits (which are, simply put, the carriers of the polyphenols). This is the only way in which our immune-dependent diet works. Hops are the king of all plants in this regard!

In accordance with the Prevention Act (PrävG 2016) of the German Ministry for Health (BMG), however, it must also be noted here that the blatant combination of vitamin C and zinc as an immune-boosting nutritional supplement is used much too carelessly from a molecular medical standpoint, as up to now there has been no evidence whatsoever that the former does not also allow the latter into the brain and back out again by means of its transmitter function. LP has likewise addressed both legal practicability and scientific accountability and came to the following (only partially reproduced here in order to safeguard expert knowledge) solution: 


To add the hops polyphenols (HP) used as a basis here, along with 5% vitamin C (VC) plus 3% vitamin B2 (VB2) – better known as riboflavin, which, with the molecular formula C17H20N4Ois not water-soluble in practice, but when combined with phosphate and spec. sodium oxide dissolves well in water and thus increases the bioavailability of VB2 in the blood by a considerable degree. Various federal, EU, EFSA registers already designate this compound designated by LP under the name “riboflavin phosphate sodium” (C17H20N4NaO9P) as beneficial to health; it is also already marketed occasionally, although the nomenclature for this compound obviously still lacks final standardization. We consequently refer to it as “RPS” for short. 


This RPS is nothing more than VB2 in “salt format” at first. It will tentatively be manufactured as follows: Riboflavin (C17H20N4O6) reacts with phosphoryl chloride (POCl3) and with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) + water (H2O) to become RPS (C17H20N4NaO9P) and hydrogen chloride (3HCl). LP will specifically manufacture RPS if necessary. In particular, this has an amphotheric secondary property – discovered by LP – that binds the mineral “zinc” as follows and thus carries it away: RPS breaks down during metabolization into riboflavin and sodium phosphate. In this way, VB2 makes its way into the brain without obstacles and can fully develop its “prophylactic” and convalescent effect once it has decoupled from the trisodium phosphate (C17H20N4NaO9P → C17H20N4O6 + Na3PO4). The sodium phosphate detached from VB2 bonds with the zinc that has made its way into the brain with the help of VC as a transmitter thanks to the “amphotheric secondary property” achieved by its previous substitution (made possible by free valances!), and smuggles the latter back out through the brain as follows without causing harm, in the form of zinc phosphate, quantum satis:  


C17H20N4NaO9P → C17H20N4O6 + Na3PO4 | Zn + Na3PO4 → 3Na + ZnPO4


In this way, the nutritional supplement known as ©Immuxøl features 5 unique characteristics at once:


  1. HP makes it into the brain with the help of VC, significantly increasing its bioavailability in the blood at the same time. 

  2. Adding VC as well as VB2 and zinc unquestionably increases immune defense.

  3. The bioavailability of VB2 is significantly increased in combination with Na and P, and as RPS.

  4. The amphotheric additional property of RPS allows zinc to be admitted harmlessly – even into the brain.

  5. The effectiveness of HP is thus developed with nearly optimal synergy in our organism.


One ©Immuxøl tablet contains 3,4 mg HP, 5,0 mg VC, 1,67 mg VB2, 3,33 mg Zinc, along with others, vital ingredients, declared trade secrets in LP’s description – a top combination with unparalleled immune defense strength.

CONCLUSION: In contrast to the many water-insoluble nutrients, which usually "only" reach our blood and lymph through enzymatic cleavage reactions from the small intestine (enzymes in our digestive juices catalyse the necessary cleavage reactions many times over and thus break down the otherwise non-water-soluble building blocks into much smaller ones, and thus water-soluble = digestible ones), our body's own digestive enzymes are not sufficient, however, to immediately transmit the - water-insoluble - polyphenols into our bloodstream. For this reason, we have equipped ©Immuxøl with specific transmitters that make the polyphenols in it bioavailable in the first place. Although every person takes in ±1 g of polyphenols daily through food (provided they eat a "healthy" diet, which hardly anyone can claim today), virtually all polyphenols are excreted unused through the gastrointestinal tract, as they are insoluble in water and consequently hardly enter the blood without ©Immuxøl transmitter help. A fact that is reinforced by the preparation of our food (boiling, frying, pasteurization, etc.), especially since, for example, one of the main polyphenol transmitters, "vitamin C", starts to be destroyed at 40 °C, which in turn gives the human immune system a kind of "permanent leak".By taking ©Immuxøl, however, our organism is supplied with >10 mg of bioavailable polyphenols per day, while ©Immuxøl is also beneficial for our immune system, as its intake also increases the vitamin C, vitamin B2 and zinc levels in our bloodstream.


Melius est prevenire quam preveniri.

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